maandag, september 05, 2016

Let the mother economy feed her offspring

The internet had expanded our perception horizon far beyond our comfort zone. It enabled us to be informed about the state of the world. The facts evoke a growing discomfort with the condition and evolution of our economy.
We either accept this inconvenient truth or choose to willfully ignore it. In both cases we loose our innocent satisfaction with our current way of living.
The number of people being aware of this is growing with the day. Many of us are seeking solutions to counter the threat of a total system collapse, but until now I see little coherence in these so needed initiatives.
Many initiatives struggle with what seems to be the decisive property of the old economy; money. Especially our jobs and mortgages seems to hold us imprisoned inside the old system, forcing us to sacrifice most of our time and freedom. there are a number of experiments going on trying to escape this of minimize it's influences.
Today an insight struck me. As we are bombarded with cheap offers of stuff in order to speed up their obsolescence and hence the profits of the produces, maybe we could accept those basically great products as a payment. So they can serve our needs and instead of disposing of them, be converted to a more useful durable state. Maintenance and repair have been wrongly downgraded to serve short term benefits like comfort and pleasure. By adapting a better beliefsystem and set of behaviors, the old system will feed the new system, like any new generation feeds on the old until it dies.