maandag, augustus 06, 2018

My mission.

Written in 2016, but it still stands. So... 

My mission on earth is to help create a good life for all, developing my knowledge, emotional intelligence and skills. I promised my self to evolve my full potential. Grateful for the gift of life itself. Including the inheritance of our ancestors. That what we call our culture and civilization.
I feel the need to accelerate evolution in order to survive the systemic threats to our ecosystem. Not just for me or my daughter after me. It is for the wholeness of life.

How to collaborate or How to do 'us' better.

Beliefs change, principles do not (universal laws)

current quest:
How to collaborate
How to do ús'better.
  • problem originated: behavior humanity threathens it's future
  • give energy (time x attention) to solution
Solution = everybodies needs met. Now and later

  • basic conditions: Health shelter, community
  • level of comfortability
tension evokes attention @tension

On purpose

De 'circle of consent' van Betty Martin heeft woorden gegeven en gebaren bewust gemaakt  die ik eerder nooit had.
Eerst enkel binnen de context van een 'touch workshop' over aanraken en aangeraakt (willen) worden en (kunnen) ontvangen geven en nemen enzovoorts.

Inmiddels zie ik de beperktheid in het culturele wereldbeeld die ikzelf meedroeg ook in andere domeinen.
En wel ook in de zakenwereld, waar het mercantiele bitalerale zakelijke contract de enige optie lijkt te zijn.
In onze uitwisseling blijkt dat al zeer onvoldoende zoals we net bespraken.

Bij het nieuw organiseren vormt die beperkte beeld een steeds storender obstakel in het denken over nieuwere oplossingen.

The reward thing

The internet develops into a global artificial nerve system (mixel kiemen + Francis Heylighen)

The internet seems to be at the stage of differentiation. The funghi now hosts larger blobs. Huge centralized functions like google and facebook and ali baba.
They suck up a lot of the energy and develop in a tumor like fashion, wanting to take over the whole.

Patreon to me is one of those crowd funded new patterns that demonstrates another emerging new global behavior.
What wikipedia did to media, kickstarter dit do banks, patreon can do for economy
current commerce is basically always a two dimensional p2p transactional channel/pipeline
In a patreon concept, a person is not payed for each output with a p2p transaction, but he is funded to do his own thing according to his own best interest.
Because money follows value (Mila)
That is fundamentally different. The next stage is a group of 'cells' crowd funded. like a band or...T4T of GCC! 
That group would then autonomously rule how they use that fund to thrive. Their internal small group function is their own responsibility/freedom. (which will evolve through the global spread of open data about best practices)

stop sounding the alarm bell, because those who ring it (The forward future watching generalists in their watch tower) only scare the deatil traditionalist of gated conservative tribe on the ground into building up their defenses even stronger. higher wall, deeper ditches, hard labour, but no progress, just regression

+ so follow the joy (anna)

How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions SFI Community Lecture - Damon Centola -

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