maandag, januari 16, 2012

It just won't fit

Freedom is easiest accomplished alone. On your own you can do whatever you want. But at the price of loneliness. People are not made to live alone. This is dilemma number one.
Then, if one would want a partner, there is the second dilemma. A soulmate or a sexmate? Biology forces the latter upon any healthy adult, but that will rarely fulfill the other urge at the same time. Although your hormones will make you believe so until it's mostly too late for change.
Dilemma number three waits in the group dynamics. Family life and tribal traditions ("culture") always will form your prefrence, habits and reactions for life. You can adapt yourself, fight to change it or leave.
ONE thing is sure: "It just won't fit". This imposibility to find rest is what we know as life...

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