vrijdag, juli 01, 2016

Charting conceptual space

Dan Brown shared the way he uses modeling to create clarity and insights. This to me is what I would call an important aspect of Visual Thinking. I used to ´collect' triangles a lot, in my younger days.
I like the clean design way in which he represents his insights. Using form to create distinctions in conceptual space. That way working towards more distinct definitions of meanings. Reading this, I realize that at one point I changed my thinking strategy.
I used to start in this abstract space as well, but due to lack of connection with the understanding of my clients I learnt to start at the other side, from their perspective. With my most simple representation of the specific real situation involved.And by realizing this I -right now - become aware that this adds another dimension to the conversation!
There is visualisation of abstract concepts on one hand and visualisation of specific situations on the other hand. Both form yet another dimension in this vast conceptual space that is discussed here. Looking from that perspective we can see all Graphic Facilitators with their approach of visualisation somewhere along that line... Nice!

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