donderdag, maart 15, 2018

Grounded in beliefs and assumptions

For over more than 60 years I have been on a quest for understanding of my self and the world around me, I have had to leave behind almost all the securities that defined me. All that is left is a state of wonder and disbelief. All that defines what I know as 'normal' turns out to be just some loose assumptions we all take for granted. Further scrutiny reveals that this shared belief is the single most solid property of it all.
Ownership, money, law are mere social constructs. God turned out to be just as unreal as Santa Claus. The state that defined my citizenship and identity is a young immature concept, based on insecure power balances. The earth we rely on is not an endless resource but almost depleted. There is growing awareness that the current human behaviour is threatening our very own existence. How to go about this finding is a mostly unanswered question. Ignoring it is a deadly option for the human species.

At this moment I have only myself and my felt sense to inform me. I feel my body on the seat and the ground below it. There is nothing that wants to kill me. Contrarily. So it is all about us. You and me. Can we talk? Look at it? Can we change this huge intertwined social construction and replace it with a better designed function? More consciously engineered for durability, stability and resilience?

Looking at the pace at which we have changed the face of the earth in just a century, combined with the power and knowledge we developed at the same time I would say of course. It is just another design quest. So let's open source it. What is the best next version of the human collective operation system?

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Andrew MacDonald zei

Love the way you keep showing up with the question!