vrijdag, juni 12, 2020

So what? What now?

I am angry. I will never be able to convey my sightings back to the people.
Thinking from principles is what we need. That is the level above vision, mission, strategy, managing and execution. As I feel that my words will be empty unless validated by real life experiential proof, I need to show successful calibration of all the above levels.

And I do not have developed enough mental, emotional and physical condition to make that happen. Trauma/files and other historical heritage consume at least half of my time. Feeling unwelcome in a stupid and ineffective society, I tend to crawl back into the safety of oblivion and irrelevance. That is an unloving spot,  that I know I need to avoid. This alone eats significantly into my will power.

To me it is obvious what needs to be done. But as it needs almost everyone to chime in, I know that will not happen anytime soon.
Unless I find a way...

My talent is to see and (according to feedback) next to that I seem to have an above normal  sensitivity for incorrectness. Simply put a fine bullshit detector.
The latter one is useful but also easily evokes push back, because I make people feel stupid. Sometimes because they were. So that needs conscious navigating.

My ability to see a deeper logic behind the reigning beliefs is useful, mostly thanks to my drawing capabilities. How much they help others to be more effective is hard to asses. let alone measure.
It might depend on their wholeness.

As these are complex issues, I currently feel they need to be addressed on multiple fronts simultaneously. That way the little nudges might influence and strengthen each other. So actions on all levels. How to distinct proper actions?

What to do in this time of confusion?
There are three aspects of action that you can consider:
1. Is the action right?
2. Does it serve the welfare of the world?
3. Is it motivated by love?
If your answer is yes three times, do it.
If not, find a better action.
From a very old source:

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