vrijdag, oktober 14, 2011

Taking response ability

Complaining is waning your way out of real cooperation. You join in howling to the moon but you leave real change to the bolder ones. This way you try to have it both ways: Be part of the 'coalition' of the willing without leaving your comfort zone... I feel I am talking to myself right now!

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If everyone is complaining all the time, we may mistake the resulting chatter for a genuine culture of constructive dissent. When the purpose of complaining is primarily social, the amount of new information contained in each complaint typically approaches zero. Spending all day listening to people moaning in well-worn ways may make you think that your ideas have been tested in the fires of disputation when in fact they have only been lightly toasted over the warm glow of comforting complaint."

Weeks observed that, to be heard over the chattering din of social complaint, those wanting to complain in a bid actually to improve things must work hard and speak loudly. They must break the cultural norms of polite social complaint and raise their voice in a way that will seem rude, illegitimate and out of bounds.

"We have a name for people who are willing to take this risk: leaders. We have other names for them too, though: cranks, loudmouths, loose cannons and troublemakers.

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