donderdag, oktober 13, 2011

This is the (r)evolution

This will be the big change. Not from the technology, but from cocreation. The consiensness of all those separate individuals that they ar IN power just as log as they autonomously handle the balance between their own interest and the wellbeing of the whole community of man.

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Entry from October 03, 2011
People’s Microphone or People’s Mike (using voices for amplified sound)

The September 2011 “Occupy Wall Street” protests didn’t have a permit to have amplified sound (such as a bullhorn). Instead, a speaker would speak a few words and the crowd woud act as a “microphone” by repeating them. The name “people’s microphone” (or “people’s mike") has been cited in print since at least September 21, 2011.
ABC News Protesters Vow to Camp Near Wall St. Indefinitely
By MEGHAN BARR Associated Press NEW YORK September 21, 2011 (AP)
In a small granite plaza a block from the New York Stock Exchange, a group of 20-somethings in flannel pajama pants and tie-dyed T-shirts are plotting the demise of Wall Street as we know it. Forbidden from using a microphone — they don’t have the proper permits — the group got creative. “What we do is a people’s microphone,” Reed said. “So the person who’s speaking says a couple of words and then the whole crowd repeats it so everyone can hear. It’s actually beautiful.”


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