vrijdag, januari 09, 2015

An overview of graphic facilitation.

It is easy to understand that architects and building contractors can not communicatie effeciently without proper drawings and maps. 
But this also applies to any other field that needs to convey complex situations and have meaningful conversations about it.

Graphic facilitation is a still emerging field that started around the turn of the century. I did it for years, before it had a name. It was in 2006 I first found the Grove on internet and the same year encountered people who did related stuff. Today ii is growing very fast.

USA Pioneers in this field are David Sibbet  and Dave Gray.
David founded the Grove
Dave founded Xplane
Profesionally I regard myself as being on the same level. But I failed in building a company out of it. I hate to lead, to control and waste my time organizing the life of others. ZICHT is still a one man company.

I worked at IMD a lot with Keith Bendis. He is essentially cartoonist and illustrator. His interest lies in drawing and not the business content, so he just does recording. With a crazy syle and sense of humor.
Brandy Agerbeck is very good content wise. And then there are a lot of lesser gods, but this should help you to get a good impression.

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