zondag, juni 19, 2011

I love work I hate business

This is a spontanious thougt that just is occurring to me. Right now. TODAY'S DOMINANT INTERACTION MODEL IS THE BUSINESS MODEL. And I hate it.
For some reason - or maybe more - it obstructs my work. Everything I do I first have to measure or model so it fits in some kind of commercially or economically defined pattern. I just do not function that way. My thoughts and idea's do not recognise these constraints.
Noting this thought just feels like touching an unsaid taboo. And maybe I am wrong here. Maybe my resentment is a product of my neuroses, my upbringing of any other source of mistakes. But my gut feeling about this is that the obligatory translation is hampering the quality of of my contributions to the collective experience. It makes me hold back. I love my work - if what I do deserves that name - I love what I do and I love to share it. So can we please make another deal here? Just wondering.