dinsdag, februari 16, 2021

The old economy needs to be replaced

Ye olde economic model roughly works like this: 
  • You take ownership of something. 
  • You make it exclusive as possible
  • You build a paywall aka business model around it.
  • You sell as much as possible
Done well, you will 'create' profit, you will get richer. And you outcompete everybody.
Costs are minimised and outsourced to the max. The mature versions have many ways to 'squeeze the lemon'. Client lock-in, multi-layered privileges, 'loyalty' programs and other profit levers.
At the end of the day the bottom line is the same everywhere: Profit maximisation.

This century the downsides start to outweigh the benefits. We are destroying our habitat.
So we need to invent, design, engineer and implement a different societal system. Not to have more or better of the same, but in order to survive. Not as an individual, but as a species. So not you, but your grandchildren.

Just one question for you: Are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?