donderdag, augustus 05, 2010

Healthy cells have team spirit

"Our hypothesis is that multicellularity and cancer are two sides of the same coin," said Rokhsar, program head for computational genomics at JGI and a professor of molecular and cell biology and of physics at UC Berkeley. "If you are a cell in a multicellular organism, you have to cooperate with other cells in your body, making sure that you divide when you are supposed to as part of the team. The genes that regulate this cooperation are also the ones whose disruption can cause cells to behave selfishly and grow in uncontrolled ways to the detriment of the organism."

source: Common ancestor of humans and sponges can reveal nature of cancer genetic networks

Mijn hypothese is dat het precies zo werkt in de grote mensen wereld. Daar gelden immers dezelfde natuurwetten. Vergelijk dit maar eens met dit proefschrift over de samenwerking in een grote onderneming. Gerwin van der Laan kreeg daar terecht een prijs voor.

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