vrijdag, maart 19, 2010

Biomimicry and social media

Biomimicry and social media are two trending developments and I can't wait to see the two collide. In the field of biomimicry we see fascinating "inventions" mostly in materials by imitating the natural solutions, already millions years old. For example, you might know the gekko supertape. Biomimicry is quickly evolving to a profitable industry. The modern availibility of information technology speeds this up. "Stealing" idea's is allways a good idea if you want to progress fast. Mother Nature does'nt mind that at all. We finally come to recognise her superiority and as her children might as well humbly benefit of her abundance. All we have to do is admit that our superiority finally was just a fatal combination of ignorance, naivity and arrogance.
Social Media are a another hype today. Just like the first episode of the internet this creates great expectations. Probabily just as well, it will change the world a lot less spectacularly and yet more profound. It's becoming so easy to know what everybody is up to. "Ich habe es nicht gewußt" is sooo last century. The development of the social media is bound to the same laws of Mother Nature as all inventions are, be it material(s) or immaterial. So I am very curious to see how the evolution of social media will benefit from biomimicry. I hope it will affect opinions about regulating our social behaviour in a positive way. We need to adopt new ways fast, because we are threatening our own very existense with our "modern" ways. Time to progress and learn again from Mother Nature.
(to be continued)

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