maandag, februari 14, 2011

Climbing mountains in Switzerland

Last two weeks I spent most of my time in Switzerland. The first half with the well seasoned E3 trainers Corey Billington and Rhoda Davidson and the latter part at IMD with a whole group of facilitators lead by the eminent teacher Bill Fischer.
Looking back at the pictures I took I see I have done a lot of work on mountains. Not the real ones you can find abundantly in the beautiful Swiss surroundings, but on the mountains of problems many participants are fighting to conquer. The most interesting are ofcourse within their own minds. And they can be more far intimidating then the real ones. And for me  witnessing participants overcome those obstacles is allways an impressive privilege.

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nadinehack zei

Harry - you played a critical role in helping everyone climb their mountains! With great respect, - Nadine