donderdag, november 29, 2012

Speed drawing

With the totally deserved succes of Andrew Park's pioneering Whiteboard drawing voor RSA animate I am getting inquiries from clients if I could do this too... As a professional creative I tend to shy away from copying. Mostly because I am best in what I do naturally naturally. That flows easy the more I do it. But also a "me too" product can never win from the original. 

But requests from an important client force me to prove them that they need not walk to the competition. So right now I am trying to do whiteboard animation. Today I did a first try-out with a professional video crew. Aside from the outcome I had great fun and this definitively opens up new possibilities. The condensed information that results from the combining the power of visuals with the ease of a precooked story is just what today's audience needs. No time wasted on redundancy, just the concentrated content.

I hope to be able to share the results soon. So silence will signal failure here... ;-)

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