donderdag, april 07, 2011

Sleep is good for my brain

Considering all the input I had to process last weeks plus all the switching between different important topics, no wonder I just feel link sleeeeeping as soon as the dust settles.

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a new study suggests that during sleep our brains actually choose to focus memory building on information it thinks will be important in the future. This tells us a few things:

  • We actually forget most of the information we process each day

  • We tend to remember things because we think they are important

  • The brain knows which pieces of information we consider important and highlights them for memory storage

  • A good night's sleep is a necessary step to really solidify information in our memory

There are some people with better memories than others, but even the mental athletes who win memory competitions know they won't do very well on a poor night's sleep!

The brain is actually more active during sleep when you know you need to remember particular information. This is just one of the many active things the brain does while you're sleeping, and is one of the reasons why quality sleep is so important for everyone -- especially during early life, when the brain is rapidly maturing and highly changeable.

Sleep Your Way to Better Memory


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